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I took a yoga class today like I do most Wednesday mornings but this time I had an “Aha” moment during a few of the asanas. I realized that getting aligned into a yoga pose was similar to finding my way in everyday life. I noticed when I try and jam my body into a pose without properly breathing and taking my time while I may get into the pose quickly I definately do not reap the benefits nor the enjoyments of the realization of the true glory of the pose because I rushed it. This is also true with life.  Basically there are no real shortcuts. Well there are some out there but you are just cheating yourself if you don’t let nature take its course.

To truly be organic and move slowly and deliberately into a pose like reverse warrior is to revel into pure, radiant feeling of truly opening up your heart and soul to the pose.  If the pose is rushed it will just be about the journey and not about that one perfect moment where you are totally present. An example comes to mind.  It takes 9 months to create a life inside a woman’s body.  During the 9 months there were times that I wanted to rush the process and was anxious just to see the baby already.  Truth is the baby needed every minute of the  9 months inside me to grow and be nourished and be ready with all the tools it needed to survive outside my womb.  The minute that baby is born and you hear its first cry is one of the purest , most present moment a mother can ever have.

Moral of the story.. Enjoy life.. Be grateful and accepting of the journey.. Be present.. Be Yoga.. Namaste


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