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When is enough, enough? We are all so busy trying to fit it all in. The exercise, work, daily life, the to do list. It goes on and on and on. What happens when you finally reach your edge, can you stop, take a breath and give yourself a break?

With exercise we all have the tendency to push ourselves to the limit. Am I getting enough out of this asana or workout? Did I sweat enough to work off that cookie or extra calories I consumed today? Does your body every cry out and ache? Every once in a while when I forget that it is ok for me to stop and take it easy and give myself and body a break I remember a workshop I took with Shiva Rea. She spoke to us about taking time for a restorative practice instead of always needing such a strenuous practice and being able to allow ourselves to find the Bhaki , the joy again for ourselves and our bodies.

Yesterday I was practicing and could not get over how sore and tight my shoulders were. Then I remembered Shiva’s words and I backed off a bit in the practice.. I was competing with myself to get into the pose and realized that I had reached my edge and took a deep breath and took myself and my ego out of it. I used my breath to take the pain and anxiety out of my body and my mind and got a lot more out of the practice than I might have if I had continued pushing myself. Today is a new day and I have a fresh, positive outlook on what can be accomplished.

So if you have reached your edge whether in your practice or in your daily life remember to take a step back, take a deep breath and give yourself the right to take a break. Tommorrow is a wish but today is a gift.
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