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Unexpected treasures on the Northfork of Long Island Road trip with lovepeaceyoga
Some times last minute plans are the best plans to have! Our last minute plans for July 4th weekend had us heading to the Northfork of Long Island where we were meeting some friends to take in the wineries. The ride there seemed endless until we started seeing the lush green countryside with rows and rows of grape plants. We had finally reached our destination.. New York Wine country on Long Island. Here you truly get to appreciate nature in it’s purest form. The Northfork is at the northern tip of long island surrounded by the Long Island Sound on one side and Gardiner and Peconic Bay opening up to the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of fruit stands along the way for lovely and fresh veggies, fruits, pies and jams. Even a lavender farm where U pick your own Lavender is the theme. Ok so there were a few too many bees there for me but luckily my girlfriend did all the cutting so we could bring home some fresh lavender to enjoy. The lavender field was one of the most beautiful fields I have ever seen. Acres and acres of fresh smelling purple flowers. It was like a dream looking out on them. To pick your own lovely fragrant lavender go to

We got a great wine education that began with a delicious and organic lunch at the Curvee wine and bistro on front street in Greenport. The food was fresh and delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed our wine tasting flights courtesy the owner and chef Deborah Pittorino who treated us to some fantastic white, blush and red wines.

Cooking with Macy’s

Macy’s Herald Square invites you to meet local culinary artists on the cutting edge of modern cuisine!Join Chef Deborah who will be cooking in The Cellar Kitchen of Macy’s Herald Square on July 28th at 6pm. Go to and click on the Seasoned Fork for Deborah’s interesting blog for recipes and other information. After our lovely lunch we decided it was time for some wine tastings and music. We headed out to Corey Creek Vineyard where we sampled some fabulous blush and white wines then it was on to Peconic where we enjoyed some fruity chardonnay and a great band. Nothing beats fabulous day with gorgeous sunshine and the spectacular view of Peconic winery. **Here is a good tip that we learned over the weekend. Most of the wineries will allow you to bring in your own snacks to enjoy with their wines. So pack up a gourmet lunch or snack and take it with you to enjoy,along with the wine. Good snacks, crisp wine, great company and fabulous scenery can’t be beat.

As always on my road trips I am search of yoga studios but this time I decided to do my own yoga practice on the beach with my husband. Nothing is better for core stablilization than balancing and practicing asanas on a large rock near the ocean. I was in awe of the unbelievable beauty of the beach, the sky and the landscape where driftwood was strewn and anchored into the shoreline in such a way that it looked like a work of art. It was the art of nature and as I practiced my asanas I felt blessed that I was able to take it all in.

On July 4th we were lucky enough to score a table at the very popular Sunset Beach Bar on Shelter Island where you dine looking out onto the beach and are treated to one of the most memorable sunsets in the area. It is quite the scene at Sunset beach and the open air bar and multi level dining area were crowded with fab people celebrating the holiday weekend. You can take the ferry over with or without your car to explore Shelter Island. Definately a place to see and be seen. The weekend came to a close but I will always have the memories of the special time with special friends in this very special place. For more information about the Northfork of Long Island please click on the links mentioned in this blog. Have you had a memorable trip and want to share it with us? please email us at Namaste Jill

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