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I am constantly jumping into un chartered territories whether it is with my children or with my work.  The path is never truly clear and is sometimes daunting as I try and navigate through unfamiliar situations.

Is it important to push the envelope for ourselves?  I think there is a time to venture out of your comfort zone and a time to stay comfortably cocooned in the safe haven that we create for ourselves.

There is a certain fear of the unknown that is so hard for many people including myself although I am trying so hard to work through my fears and insecurities about so many things.

Life is so short and I think it is so important to continue to explore all that is out there for us in order to grow and continue to evolve.

I am going to share a passage from Melody Beattie’s book Journey to the Heart. “Sometimes we need to go further than we thought we could.  We need to go past our fear, past our uncertainty, past the bend we can’t see beyond. If we stay on the course, give it that extra push, and go round the bend, we may find what we are looking for.”

This passage is so important because we are all looking at one time or another for something or someone to satisfy us, to make us happier than we are, to make us better.  There is so much joy in discovering the beautiful nature within ourselves that sometimes we forget about the journey and we only concentrate on the outcome.

Let the path be beautiful, surround yourself with people of substance who fill you up with positive thoughts.. sometimes it is people you least expected.. Open your hearts and minds to these people because they are part of your journey and reach outside your comfort zone to explore something new.

I am so lucky to be inspired by the beautiful people around me who enrich my life through laughter, friendship and creativity.


Jill Friedfertig


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