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Sunset over SabinaFlipping over casperia

flipping over casperia

organic tomatoes for fresh sauce

Not really knowing what to expect, my husband and I set out for our Italian yoga adventure set in the picturesque Sabina hillside about an hour north east of Rome.  Much to our pleasant surprise we were met by Giulia Landor, owner of In Sabina.. our hostess for the next week.

Hidden gem.. treehouse massage center

In Sabina is a lovely combination of beautiful rooms set on acres of lush groves of olive trees, fresh fruit trees, flowers and all the beauty the Italian landscape has to offer. Everywhere you looked there were special touches.. a swing over the mountain.. hammocks with colorful hot pink, purple and orange pillows and canopies inviting you to sink in and relax.  Little nooks and crannies of delight including a tree house where we were treated to delicious massage by Letitzia and Simone.

All of our delicious meals were served family style by the lovely Elida with whom we enjoyed a fun cooking adventure mid way through our week together.  All of our foods were grown on the estate and freshly picked ever day to be prepared in delectable meals for all of us to enjoy at the large family style table over looking the property.

It was a magical week full of laughter, new friends, wine, amazing organically grown cuisine, 4 hours of yoga a day and new adventures!.

Swinging over the mountain!Peaceful warriors

Sara Little

Our delightful yoga adventure was led by and put together by the beautiful Sara Little, our yoga teacher for the retreat.  We were led daily for 2 hours of Vinyasa flow by Sara with modifications being given to students of all ability.  Every day we all showed up for 7am yoga to join our karmic energies together.  By the time we were done with our shivasana for the morning we were all starving for our yummy smelling coffee and breakfast waiting for us just outside the kitchen.  4pm restorative yoga awaited us as we were on our own for the rest of the day.

All of the students were invited to have a private yoga session with Sara where we were able to work on poses, breathing ect.  Sara has a beautiful way about her and how she approaches teaching poses and asanas.  She has a natural ability to help students explore and reach their full potential while maintaining safety.  Her explanation of the use of props was extremely helpful to all of us as well.

Also included in our yoga retreat was a one hour complimentary massage, 3 meals a day, transfers to and from the airport in Rome and an excursion to the Eternal City as well.  Sara and her husband Michael were lovely hosts making sure that everyone was comfortable and well taken care of.

The rest of the days were spent exploring the beautiful countryside of this idyllic setting.  One morning after breakfast some of us took a beautiful walk into the town of Torri.  As we walked we kept remarking how incredibly lucky we were to be there and how breathtaking the views were from the road. On our walk we discovered rows of pear, apple, plum and peach trees with their ripe fruit just within our reach.  It was a little like being in the land of OZ where Dorothy reached up and picked the apple from the tree.  Fortunately for us the trees didn’t move and we continued to enjoy the fruits from this magnificent area of natural beauty.

I shared my love of stopping to drop into a yoga pose for a photo op literally everywhere and soon everyone was joining in the fun!

"The girls"

strike a pose!

The weather was very hot and when we returned from our long walk the lovely pool was waiting for us to cool off in.

enjoying a beautiful evening together with our yoga family

In Sabina has 2 beautiful yoga spaces.. One a little hike down the mountain shaded by a huge canopy and a view of the lush canyon below and the other housed above the common area in case of bad weather.

Our afternoon yoga was restorative which I for one was really happy about since after all the activity, wine tasting and sight seeing we did it was great to rest in restorative poses and look forward to enjoying our evening meal with our new friends.

Sabina is located in the Lazio section of Italy with many beautiful sights near by.  We enjoyed visiting the village of Casperia which is a town that is about 1000 years old.. We enjoyed tourning the lovely stone streets chiseled deep into the hillside.  Everywhere we went we were met by friendly Italians who were excited to see American tourists in their town.  Some other places of interest were the Marmore Falls near Terni in the province of Umbria.  The Marmore Falls are noted as the highest waterfalls in all of Europe and the sight of this natural beautify stunned us into silence. A beautiful rainbow is created at the bottom of the falls by the way the sunlight hits the water as it cascades down the mountain.  We were all glad that we got to see this magnificent spot.

Breathtaking view of Marmore Falls Umbria

Acres of luscious giant sunflower fields greeted us on many hills.  The giant flowers gently sway in the breeze and bow to the beauty of the sunlight.  It truly was like living in a dream as we floated through each fantastic landscape.

Fields of giant sunflowers greeted us everywhere

We lunched like local Italians at the beautiful Lago di Pediluco.  Thank goodness we had the GPS even though my husband and I are like the Grisswolds from the movie Vacation we managed to get to the lake and stop for a delicious lunch with some of our new friends, Robin and Sally aka “Lucia” with a view of the sparkling waters on the lake.

Grechetto wine.. Delicious!!!

Lago di Pediluco

A quick stop in the historic town of Rieti rounded out he day where we ran into an old residence belonging to one of the Pope’s and a beautiful Duomo that happened to be open.  We were so lucky because not only did Sally speak fluent Italian and drive a stick shift , she was an awesome tour guide as she put her art history degree to excellent use.  Rieti is surrounded by a medieval wall-like fortress and if you are ever in the area it is a beautiful place to visit.

Next up was a visit to the lovely town of Orvieto where we found if you type in Wineries in the GPS under points of interest you can actually end up at a winery!  We met a lovely couple who run the Barberini winery who spoke very little English but it did not seem to matter as we seemed to communicate just fine.  Here we tasted delicious wines and olive oils from Orvieto Classico before we moved on to historic Orvietto.  Here we found a delicious Rose from Bibi.  Anyone who is a Rose lover or who would like to be should try this out asap!  Refreshing and delish all rolled up into one pretty colored vino.

Robin, Allison, Cathleen and I are waiting for our gelatto

We made some new friends along the way who helped us create a wonderful experience on our very first yoga retreat. Sara and Michael, Sally, Allison, Robin, Tom, Cathleen and Sam ..thank you for a memorable week filled with great yoga, laughter, new friendships and fun!

Michael getting ready for a Gelatto run

If you have never experienced a yoga retreat and would like some more information please contact me.. jill friedfertig at


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