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“If you stay in your heart, stay with yourself, stay in the present, tommorrow’s answers will come just as today’s did.. naturally gently and on time.” taken from the book by Melody Beattie.. Journey to the Heart.

reaching your edge

I am a self proclaimed list maker. my lists have lists.. my to do lists have sub catergories depending on who and what person place or organization I have to do things for and with.. I know for a fact that everyone in the world is in engaging in the same stressful, time consuming past time.

What happens when some of the list sits there without having a check mark next to it.. Is it stressful to look at? Sometimes for me it is.. We all pressure ourselves to push harder, do more, check more things off instead of taking a step back and realizing that the world won’t fall apart if some of it just doesn’t get done..

Friday had finally come around and on my ever present To Do List was Friday morning hot power yoga with Dana Richmond at Powerflow Nj studio in Livingston, NJ.  As I engaged in a little “chat yoga” as my good friend Debby Kaminsky likes to call it and set up my mat my head was spinning with my list of things to do today, tommorrow and the weekend.

Dana started out our practice by mentioning these “To Do lists” and taking this hour and 15 minutes with blank, clean slates, leaving all the thoughts and worries of the rest of our day to stay in the future, not crowding our present with unnecessary “inner” chatter.”  What a release the practice became the more I was able to let go, enjoy the movement, breathe and sweat.   Knowing that those minutes belonged solely to me challenged and uplifted by the energy swirling around from my fellow yogi’s in the room.  The result was that I felt a more balanced than I have in a long time and as I flowed through my asanas with no judgement or ego I felt more centered and at peace in my body and mind.

Will I go back to my list of lists?  probably but what I took away from this passage and practice was that sometimes I need to take a day off from them and the pressure of them and enjoy the natural ebb and flow of what is right for me right now.. Everything will get done and I believe it will allow me to regroup to take on new challenges with renewed energy.

Don’t hurry through your journey.. Embrace what is now right in front of your eyes and welcome it in.. Understand that it is part of your path of growth and accept it for what it is.

I left the class feeling a bit lighter, brighter and focused..  Knowing that everything will fall into place as it should.

Jill Friedfertig


INTERESTING LINKS:  studios in Livingston and Chatham.  Bringing the gift of yoga to the public schools of Newark NJ.   Want to get involved?  email me at

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