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Jean Mazzei,  musician.. teacher.. explorer.. yogi

Jean Mazzei discovered at an early age that she was a spiritual seeker.

Jean was introduced to yoga after a teacher suggested she study and practice.  So intrigued Jean read the book and began a journey of practice which included a morning and evening practice throughout her high school years and has stayed with her up until today.

Jean’s first teacher was an older  man of about 70 named Dr. Albert Franklin.  He taught her the essence of yoga and really started the opening in her 3rd eye.  She was in her early twenties and wanted to become more flexible since she was a dancer in a dance company.

Her first spiritual teacher was Dennis Adams who was a master healer and metaphysician.. Immediately at hello Jean was elated that she discovered a kindered spirit and felt at home in his presence.

Jean had been studying with Rod Stryker who suggested that she go to India and seek out Pandit RajmaniTungait. She became more and more interested in the teachings..As she sat in his presence she became more and more intrigued by the vastness of him and the mystical side of him which is so important to her.   She was finally listening to her inner voice and knew that she has found the place where she needed to be to learn and grow as a person.  She continues to study with Pandit Tungait and has employed his teachings into her 500 hour Sri yoga teacher training program.

In addition to her yoga studies Jean is a gifted singer/song writer and musician.  She is inspired by the beautiful blue sky.

“I aspire to be like the sky, the vast expansive of beauty.and wish to bring that beauty into my life every day”.

Rock star Yoga teacher..

Jean’s music is inspired by her personal journey. The melodies and words in her songs reflect the struggles and goodness that exist in her life.  Jean believes that her yoga practice has been a driving force in allowing her creative energy to flow freely. She believes that with an open heart all things are possible.

A diverse and dynamic performer. Jean Mazzei is equally entertaining whether fronting her rock band Flying Venus, playing a jazz gig, or performing her solo acoustic ‘caffeinated folk rock.’

“yoga inspires creativity amongst people.. You grow through your experiences through yoga on the mat and hope to take what you have learned with you through your life’s journey”

Jean believes that a regular yoga practice can help maintain a healthy balance in her life.

“Creative , Practical yoga has always been part of my life.’”

One of the most essential things Jean would like to share is that yoga is an awakening.  It allows you to reappraise what you are living and what is the purpose.  One of the most essential things is to take time for yourself to practice and recognize who you are.. Relish the teacher within yourself and grow.  It is important to carve out that time to practice every day. It will change your life.

Just a side note about Para Yoga “Tantric Vinyasa yoga combines physical asana with conscious use of the breath, mind, imagery and intention to create the most powerful practice possible.  Builiding Prana (life force) will turn your  toxins into tejas (radiance)   Transform your body, mind and life to become the most resplendent on and off the mat.

For more information about para yoga please visit

As jean’s practice continued to grow she and her friend and fellow teacher Loren (ned last name) decided to write a 500 hour teacher training program approved by yoga alliance called Sri Yoga based on the teachings of Rod Stryker and Para Yoga and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.  This teacher training program debuted this past August in a green facility made out of sustainable bamboo in northern California called Nandi yoga Bay area studio.

I posed the question. What lies ahead  in the next 5 years, musically and in the yoga community.

Jean’s answer:

“I love what I am doing now.  I look forward to having a larger student base teaching more yoga workshops in exotic locations.  I aspire to teach workshops on a larger scale such as participating in a yoga journal conference.”  “ Musically I would like to play to larger audiences and play in venues that remind me of who I am”.

Jean’s quest for healing herself and finding the truth with in has guided her education.

She has studied with BKS Iyengar, Baron Baptiste, Rod Stryker, Ana Forrest and Sri Dharma Mittra.  She is currently studying the ancient tantric teachings of the sri vidya lineage with pandit rajmani Tigunait and Rod Stryker.

Jean continues to teach her own “Rock Star Yoga” at several Bay Area studios where she inspires others to ‘bring it!’ both on, and off, the mat.

Yoga is a magical adventure where spirits fly free to the beat of their own hearts.

Fly free .. practice yoga..

Written by Jill Friedfertig

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