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Green Drinks-2-Go: Now Delivering to Livingston New Jersey

Enjoy the satisfying blends of organic greens and fruits that provide amazing energy, vitality and improved health. You’ve seen these in movies, and read about them but now they’re actually here on your doorstep.

If you are reading this now, you are most probably looking for a way to feel more alive, healthy and vibrant.  Or perhaps, your stress level at work or home has affected your stomach and all is you feel is burning discomfort. Maybe you have or know someone battling cancer, diabetes or heart disease and are searching for an answer. If so, then you have found a wonderful starting point.

Green Drinks 2 Go was started as a way to energize my own body and bring clarity to a mind that was constantly multi-tasking and burned out by the end of the day. A green drink a day is one of the most wonderful things you can ever do for yourself.

Here is why.

Our bodies are intricate, beautifully crafted machines. We were given them at birth and of course what we choose to do with them is our own business. But, think about if someone gave you a gift of a gorgeous, sleek, red sports car. You would want that sports car to last a long time and look beautiful its entire life. So obviously, washing and detailing would be important. But, think about the vital adjustments and fluids that make that car run like a stallion.  

You would never skimp on any of those, would you? The same goes for what you put in your body. You want to live your life to the fullest and as healthy as possible. You want the best.  And the best is  green  fresh, and raw.

Studies are constantly showing the cancer fighting benefits of greens like chard and kale. Spinach is so vibrant and full of iron and protein. Collards are full of calcium and vitamin K The list of greens is almost endless and the benefits are unparalleled!

Get your Chlorophyll here!

Chlorophyll is a gift from the sun to the plant and then to you!  Chlorophyll is liquid energy brought in by green drinks to clean the blood, rid toxins from the body and boost the immune system.  And most impressive of all, a molecule of chlorophyll is amazingly similar to a molecule of human blood! So, drink up and enjoy good health!

I have recently started Green Drinks 2 Go and am feeling more energetic. I work very long hours and have a Green Drink 2 Go around 6am and the 2nd around 7:30 pm so this is a terrific way of getting nutrients in an organic manner versus relying on synthetic products. I have also noticed a very interesting effectmy skin is smoother and has a nice glow. Not a bad side effect for a 50 year old woman.” – Ana

Alkalize Your Body

Greens and fruits alkalize. Alkalinity of the body is so important for keeping the body disease free. Studies have shown that diseases thrive in acidic conditions. Acidic conditions can be caused by the junk food we eat, stress, anger, traffic jams  life in general  things we cant always avoid. But, when you incorporate blended greens into a daily diet, think about it as jumping into a refreshing pool on a hot summer day

“I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your drinks. As a cancer survivor, I know all too well the importance of keeping your body in an alkaline state, as diseases thrive in an acidic environment. There is so much new research that shows how cancer and other diseases cannot survive when your body is in an alkaline state. Since I began your drinks, my body has stayed at an optimal level ph balance and they taste so good, so thank you!” – Carol

Increased Digestion

Close to age 40, we begin to lose stomach acid. This is a bad thing because stomach acid is so vital to digesting our food and gaining the nutrients we seek.  Those with low stomach acid may find themselves bloated by days end, gassy or just generally uncomfortable. Greens create stomach acid and more importantly, blended greens are digestion ready. The cells of the plants are broken down by the blending and ready for your body to absorb!

” I can’t believe .how much energy I have lately, its amazing!!!…except for last weekend…then I remembered I didn’t have the green drinks for the weekend. my body actually missed them!!  I just wanted to pass that along and let you know how happy I am and how much better I am feeling from my stomach issues.  I am so glad I met you…I am sure you get this all the time…I just wanted to let you know another success story.   keep them coming….see you soon!” – Angela

Mental Clarity

Because green drinks clean from the inside out, one of the most wonderful benefits is mental clarity. Toxins bind to the fiber of the drink and are carried out through waste. All of a sudden, it is easier to wake up in the morning and coffee is no longer a needed stimulant when you have your green drink!

Cravings go away!

Green drinks are whole foods using all the fiber from the greens and fruits. When the palate gets used to eating real food rather than junk foods, fats, sweets, and salts, suddenly it is as if a switch is flipped on. Bad eating habits are broken and supermarket shopping is a lot less challenging when you have fewer aisles to visit!  In fact, you will find yourself craving a green drink and greens more frequently.

“Instead of reaching for a diet soda, I found myself reaching for a green drink instead. It gave me the same amount of pleasure. So, for me, a one-time diet soda addict, that says a lot!” -Donna

Why Green Drinks 2 Go?

We’re local and deliver right to your door so you get the freshest product possible. Made solely from organic blended greens and fruit, these delicious blends are nutrient rich and flavor packed. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of health benefits that can boost your immunity, raise energy levels and reduce your body weight.

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