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They say that age is just a number and that you are as young as you feel right?  Well at age 45 it didn’t matter what the number was I just wasn’t feeling well.  No matter what kind of exercises I did or what kind of foods I did or did not eat I still felt literally “out of whack”  Many blood tests and doctor visits later showed that I was deficient in some areas which I have since corrected .

My foray into the green juice world has left me feeling rejuvinated and has improved all my blood work  . So when I was still struggling with inconsistent days of feeling good and bad I decided to do some research into the new “it fad”  the cleanse..  Cleansing has been around for thousands of years dating back to  early man.. They just didn’t know they were cleansing, this was just part of their every day life.

AFter  going through a rough September and October where my schedule and life had resumed it’s regular “CRAZY” I decided enough was enough..I needed to find a way to be healthy and feel great again.  luckily for me I contacted  a very knowlegable person Aimee Kartzman of who  with the proper explanation of why cleansing is good for your body and I was immediately sold..

Always hesitant to put myself in a position for failure.. starving myself has never been a great option for me as I just get cranky and my family wants to disown me! Aimee pointed me in the direction of a cleanse that can be done with food over a 2 week or 30 day period helping to ease your body and your mind into this process at a slower pace for a few reasons..

Over time as you release the toxins from your body it helps you  break old habits and set you a on a healthier path.. not to say you still won’t want to share in a food that is not so good for you but i think it increases your chance of not falling back into unhealthy patterns as quickly.

So my journey began.. a few days after thanksgiving I received my cleanse..Aimee provided me with suggestions for getting through the cleanse with some instructions on what to do in case certain things occur.. This was extremely helpful and gave me a comfort level to have someone to touch base with in case things got rough..

So far so good.. now into my second week into the cleanse brought a little nausea and headache. both indicators that I am loaded with toxins just screaming to evacuate the premises..  I am taking the slow mo approach starting out with one herbal packet and one drink mix with bentionite clay a day to help my body and my brain ease into it..  My energy level is increasing and I feel lighter in general and know that I am taking steps to stay healthy!

Here is a little history on cleansing

Our Colons Have Needs – Why Cleansing is Important

During many consults with clients, I often relay to them that their colon is congested. I then typically recommend that they consider doing a cleanse to help jump start their health regimen. As they begin to look at me in disbelief, I go on to show them what I see from the photograph I took of their Iris (as I use the healing modality called Iridology). In general, the colon area is full of toxicity. Their symptoms that they are experiencing may include allergies and /or other respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue, PMS, etc.  However, the good news is that much of this can be alleviated with some simple cleansing techniques.

During these consults, many have responded with, “But how can this be? I go to the bathroom everyday and eat well”. Good nutrition and daily elimination is very important, however, it is only part of the story. Our constant exposure to air, water, processed foods, lack of sleep and what we are drinking daily can all play a part in our colon’s health. In addition, after many years of wear and tear, our colon needs some maintenance and attention. Our cars get tune-ups including oil changes and a replacing of the fluids. What makes us think that our bodies also would not need a 60 or 90,000 mile tune up?

Many of us don’t have time to fully comprehend how important our colon’s health is to us. However, in my world, it makes up the majority of dis-ease that is disconcerting to my clients. Our colons which are comprised of the large and small intestines play a very important part of good health.

The colon is a wonderful and yet extremely fragile system that can be compared to a sponge as both are made of porous materials. And like sponges, once they sop up enough water and debris, they start leaking. Thus, when the colon can not hold it’s debris as it’s too full and/or the infrastructure of the colon begins to break down, debris in unloaded into the blood stream and other organs. Some health professionals have called this leaky gut where the feces literally leaks into other organs and the blood stream.

In addition, once a colon becomes congested, other channels of elimination start to compensate such as the kidneys, lymph’s, respiratory and skin. This causes these other channels of elimination to overwork and can lead to many imbalances including bladder and kidney infections, skin rashes and irritants, lymph congestion, respiratory ailments and an overall lowered immune system. Overall, a congested colon can have adverse affects on one’s health.

The right kind of colon cleanse empowers and enables the body to eliminate environmental toxins and metabolic wastes. The Cleanstart cleanse ( does exactly this. It has bentonite clay which binds to the intestines and literally pulls out the toxins. In addition, it also supports the liver and kidneys in the process to help remove environmental toxins that have accumulated in the body. Lastly, it includes lower bowel elimination and detoxification herbs to ensure that toxins are fully released and eliminated. I am always in amazement at how well this cleanse works and I can literally see the results when a client comes back for another Iridology Analysis after using this cleanse. Many have confessed that they are sad when this cleanse is over as they have testified to greater amounts energy and a reduction and/or complete reversal of their symptoms.

Overall, cleansing has helped many to greatly remove or improve many symptoms including fatigue, PMS/ menopause issues, skin issues, respiratory issues and overall health.  For best results, it is recommended to do this cleanse every six months or yearly to help maintain colon health as well as empowering the body to run smoothly. There is no fasting or dieting required so the cleanse can easily be maintained and accommodated to our lifestyle.

In addition to this periodic cleansing, I also recommend daily cleansing routines. Here are a few important daily cleansing tips:0

1)   Drinking adequate water daily is utterly important to the body. It is recommended by many health professionals to have .5 oz of water for every pound of our weight. By drinking good water we are able to flush the body of toxins and rehydrate. It is also a good idea to have your water tested and/or use water filters to ensure you are drinking water that does not include additional heavy metals.

2)   Having adequate fiber. Everybody’s Fiber (  or Natures Three ( are two amazing fibers that help give the intestines a daily scrub and detox. Research has shown that fibers can increase prevention of some major cancers by 50%. Overall it is important to have one to three hearty eliminations daily for good health.

3)   Reduce Free Radical Damage. ORAC stands for Oxidation Radical Absorbance Capacity. These are the guys that help fight cancer and other toxicity in the body. Thai Go ( is a delicious tasting juice that has one of the highest ORAC value around and tastes great. Drinking a shot a day can be life saving.

4)   Replenish the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Given our western diets, our bodies tend to be ridden with unfriendly bacteria in the digestive tract. This can lead to many bodily imbalances including Irritible Bowel Syndrom, Candida, Colitus, etc. In fact, one cup of coffee can wipe out most of the friendly bacteria. By taking daily probiotics we can replenish these friendly bacteria to help create more balance in the digestive tract and keep our immune system strong.   Bifidophilus Flora Fence ( is a probiotic which includes 4 very important strains of healthy intestinal flora.

In addition, it is important to have a good diet. This includes lots and lots of organic (pesticide-free) fruits and vegetables, good fats with lots of omegas including flax, chia seeds, walnuts, and some fish varieties. It is best to limit processed foods, sugars and dairy as these can be stressors on the body.

Overall, the closer to nature we are in regards to eating as well as in general, the better we will feel.

Wishing you the gift of great health for the holidays!

Aimee Kartzman, HLC, CNC

Aimee Kartzman of BPro-Active is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Holistic Life Coach; Iridologist, Herbalist, Educator, and is currently receiving a PhD in Traditional Naturopathy.  BPro-Active is unique as it provides a holistic, whole body and mind approach to wellness. To learn more about Aimee and BPro-Active, visit:

Introducing One Of Natures’ Best Cleanses
By Karen Tenenbaum

If you are the average American post Thanksgiving and fully into the December party circuit, chances are you are most probably looking for a way to feel more healthy and vibrant rather than full and bloated.  Perhaps the jeans are feeling a bit tight or a revealing party dress hanging in your closet reminds you not to go too crazy on the food at your next party.  Humans are social creatures and food is something that binds and connects us especially during the holiday season!

But, there is a way to help rid the body of bloat, unwanted food residue (waste) and fatigue and that is… by cleansing. Cleanses are a wonderful way of helping your body to digest and move the food along. While cleanses come in all shapes and sizes they all have the same outcome! Literally. 
It is well known that close to age 40, we begin to lose stomach acid. This is a bad thing because stomach acid is so vital to digesting our food and absorbing the nutrients we seek.  Those with low stomach acid may find themselves bloated by day’s end, gassy or just generally uncomfortable. This is due to the amount of undigested food that sits in the stomach. Now imagine Thanksgiving dinner sitting on top of that and then of course some tasty appetizers and the hostesses’ favorite party punch.  Get the picture?

As I mentioned before, there are many ways of doing a cleanse. There are long term cleanses, short term cleanses and in my opinion, one of the best – everyday cleanses.  An everyday cleanse would be a green drink.  Green drinks are blended greens and fruits.  Why greens?  Greens like kale, swiss chard, spinach etc. create stomach acid and more importantly, blended greens are digestion ready. The cells of the plants are broken down by the blending and ready for your body to absorb!  Your body has no work to do. The green drinks do it for you. The fiber from the fruit and greens adhere to toxins and unwanted waste and help push through the buildup in the stomach . This is a wonderful everyday way of staying clean. Since starting Green Drinks 2 Go a year ago, I now have 200 much happier stomachs around me!
Think about it like this. Our bodies are intricate, beautifully crafted machines. We were given them at birth and of course what we choose to do with them is our own business. But, think about if someone gave you a gift of a gorgeous, sleek, red sports car. You would want that sports car to last a long time and look beautiful its entire life. So obviously, washing and detailing would be important. But, think about the vital adjustments and fluids that make that car run like a stallion. You would never skimp on any of those, would you?

The same goes for what you put in your body. You want to live your life to the fullest and as healthy as possible. You want the best.  And the best is green  – fresh, and raw. Who knew greens that we take for granted in our stir –fry  or our salads could be of assistance in so many ways to our bodies. Not only do green drinks make a fabulous blood cleanser and stomach cleanser, but on top of all that,  many studies show the cancer fighting benefits of greens like chard and kale. Spinach is so vibrant and full of iron and protein. Collards are full of calcium and vitamin K The list of greens is almost endless and the benefits are unparalleled!

Green drinks can be used as an everyday supplement to your diet or as a meal itself. They are so versatile. For those looking for quick and healthy weight loss, they can be used as a short term cleanse as well. Because greens are composed of amino acids, the building blocks of protein , they support a short term cleanse based solely  on green drinks. Many of my clients have done so with great results and great weight loss. Additionally, a green drink cleanse that I find works well for my body is to drink green drinks throughout the day and then a simple and light meal like a lean protein and salad in the early evening and plenty of water throughout the day. Existing on raw food for the greater part of the day gives my body super energy and then the light meal in the early evening gives me the satisfaction of chewing my food.

I have been doing green drinks for almost 2 years now and have become such a believer that I created a company called Green Drinks 2 Go. We are based in Basking Ridge NJ and use only organic, beautiful greens and fruits to make delicious drinks which we then deliver to over 200 homes and offices. We have helped people maintain their weight, their health and the balance of their body. People who drink our drink range from those who are perfectly healthy to those who are fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease and weight gain. We have some wonderful testimonies from many of them on my website,  and more continue to come in almost every day. I feel so lucky to be involved in bringing good health into people’s lives.

For more information on receiving green drinks in the Central NJ area or for questions, please feel free to contact me through or at (908) 347-3452

Thanks to Aimee Kartzman and Karen Tennenbaum for “guest blogging with Lovepeaceyoga.  If you would like to guest blog with us about an interesting topic regarding yoga, heath and wellness please contact Jill Friedfertig at

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