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Recycle Your Mat: The backstory

Yoga practitioner and Recycle Your Mat founder Stephanie Stano has been passionate about nature and social issues since her youth. Always active in the outdoors, no matter the weather or location, Stephanie knew at a young age that nature nurtures the potential inside us all.

During her career she’s focused on working for non-profit organizations, outdoor lifestyle companies and volunteering her time to social causes. It’s this passion for the outdoors and personal development that are the foundation of Recycle Your Mat.

Since Recycle Your Mat’s beginning in early 2008, the business has been centered around two main objectives – recycle and upcycle mats as new products and reuse mats through donation. These objectives are met through yoga mat collection at yoga studios, fitness centers and through individual’s shipments of yoga mats.

Recycle Your Mat believes yoga is sacred, and yogis can honor our practice by collectively furthering our responsibility to the planet. Just like yoga restores our body, soul and mind, the materials that support our practice can save mountains, streams and other biodynamic places.

Recycle Your Mat adheres to the triple bottom line by striving for planetary, community and financial health. The people of Recycle Your Mat, as individuals and together as an organization, seek to solve environmental challenges in a socially responsible manner. to learn more go to

How does the Recycle Your Mat studio program work?

1. Individuals drop off their used mat at your studio.

2. Studios may choose to collect a nominal fee to individuals to recycle their mat. This fee is used to offset shipping cost from the studio to Recycle Your Mat. 3. We encourage studios to offer a discount to individuals recycling their mat, to offset the cost of individual yoga mat recycling.

How do I collect mats at my studio?

To save resources and materials, we ask that studios reuse boxes they acquire from products sent to the studio for yoga mat collection receptacles.

How often should I ship mats to Recycle Your Mat?

Shipping frequency depends on how much space you have to collect mats and the quantity of mats you receive.

Do you have information I can provide my staff about the program?

We provide supporting materials to Recycle Your Mat collection locations via email to your studio’s recycling point person.

Can I recycle my studio’s rental mats?

Absolutely! Many studios are moving towards eco mats for their rental mats and we’re happy to recycle used rental mats. Studios are also offered a discount on the purchase of new rental mats when they recycle their used studio mats.

How can my studio become a collection location?

To sign up to be a Recycle Your Mat collection location complete the form on the website. We’ll contact you to set up a time to answer any additional questions you may have. You can also email us

If you are looking for mat donations, please contact us at

Some recycled yoga mats have been used for the cushion inside bolsters! This is a eco friendly way to recycle a gently used yoga mat!  Save the planet.. Recycle your mat!

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