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“Love and Breath meet FIRE!

A Workshop with Debby Kaminsky

Sunday March 6, 2011 2-4

Bhakti Barn Yoga

158 Spring Street.. Millburn.. NJ


Pre registration required: $30.00.. Go to online registration schedule to pre-register.

If space permits we willl open the workshop up to Drop-ins  for $35.00

register now!

founder of Newark Yoga Movement

Debby Kaminsky.. founder Newark Yoga Movement

Debby teaches vinyasa flow, in particular prana flow, “an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers.”  This transformational flow truly links the breath together with each movement and also helps to get prana (energy) flowing within yourself.  This yoga feels so good and is so beneficial.  Sometimes you sweat profusely.  Other times you are so “blissed out” that you forget where you are.  Most times, you get both of these benefits.

For years, I was a dedicated ashtangi and have a warm spot in my heart for the form and an endless amount of respect and gratitude for all my teachers who were such wonderful guides and inspirations.  As of December 2008, I stopped teaching led ashtanga classes.  Journeying along through the kramas of life, had me evaluating the yoga sadhana that was right for me.

I like to embody what I teach so in order to remain an authentic, true guide to my students, I put my ashtanga class into a wonderful savasana (rest).  I continue to find joy in teaching my yearly ashtanga workshop because I like to share with students how to get into and out of 70 asanas (poses) safely and with a smile and letting these students decide to take what they learn to another yoga class and/or an ashtanga class. 

I genuinely enjoying sharing and teaching the gift of yoga to all people from my contemporaries which depending on the day can be little kids, teens, young adults, or hip and happening regular adults and veterans. Net, is I teach anybody who is open to receiving yoga.  Yoga benefits everyone! My public classes  and workshops are geared primarily for adults.

photo by Lauren Ruttan


My kids teaching experience ranges with thousands of K-12th grade through private instruction and at in school and after school programs and teen classes at yoga centers.  Further, I have worked with kids K-18 years having behavioral issues.

Finally, I am excited to be working with several schools in Newark including, Newark Public Schools, TEAM Academy and St. Philip’s Academy to introduce yoga to their children through the founding of  Newark Yoga Movement in Giving Back.


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