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Real Ryder Tribal Spin

log on to and get ready to ride

Take A Class That Really Moves You!
Been there done that? Not on these bikes you haven’t!

Our RealRyder® Indoor Cycling bikes are built to simulate an outdoor ride and tilt and move beneath you.

 Our 45 minute and 60 minute rides will engage your core, power up your legs, strike your balance, and give your body a complete workout. The RealRyder bikes are definitely a different ride than the normal indoor cycling bike!

Research has shown that they burn 20% additional calories as opposed to a stationary indoor cycling bike! Not to mention the additional muscle recruitment which lends itself to an increase in your metabolism. This combined with our “Fusion” program can really be effective in weight loss! Begin the ride to push and peddle into a stronger, better you!
Challenge yourself with this unbelievable ride

Fusion Training- 30 Minutes Functional Strength and 45 Minutes Pure Spin

This class offers 30 minutes of functional strength training and is designed to metabolically activate muscle mass. You can maximize your results while combining this with an “optional” pure spin class immediately after. These in conjunction with a clean eating program will guarantee results!
JD Fitness offers a power packed functional strength fitness class for just $15 for 30 minutes.. The cost is nominal and the classes are amazing.. They offer you 30 minutes of strength training that helps to elevate your spin workout and your day.. Small group functional training classes are also available.. to to for more information.
Trinity- 30 Minutes Functional Strength, 45 Minutes Pure Spin, and 30 Minutes Yoga
We believe one’s yoga practice is a direct parallel to one’s life. If you practice mindfully, leading with breath, exploring, discovering, accepting; then so shall your life be. This is the daily lesson to which yoga brings awareness. Cultivate patience, acceptance, courage and trust; to name but a few attributes that surface “on your mat.” This 30 minute class, also optional, is intended to follow your metabolically charged functional strength class, and vigorous tribal spin class. It is designed to tap into an opposite energy bank of surrendering, stretching and deep, relaxing breathe focus.

take time to breathe

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Meet the Instructors..


Anne Nappi has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Her journey began as a motivating and energetic group fitness instructor and has evolved into a driven, passionate, and inspiring personal trainer/group fitness instructor. She is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, Madd Dog, and RealRyder Indoor Cycling.
Anne has been a personal trainer with JD Fitness for over 3 years, and is now directing the JD Tribal Spin program, featuring RealRyder indoor cycling bikes. She has worked with many special populations including seniors and athletes, but has a personal connection with those touched by cancer, and needing a new approach to health and well being. It is because of this and her many years of dedication in the industry, that have transformed many lives. Anne believes through hard work and determination anything is possible.


Marina started her professional career as an executive in the garment industry where she worked for many years. What initially started as a way to release some stress grew quickly into a regular gym routine and finally a strong passion.

She began to work out several times a week with a personal trainer and found that the benefits both physically and emotionally were beyond her expectations. At her physical peak, she decided she would help transform the lives of others the way fitness had transformed hers.

She started training clients independently in her home gym helping them attain their fitness goals. As the buzz of her results spread, she started to take on many high profile clients in their homes, before joining the other trainers at JD Fitness. Her philosophy has and always will be that nothing is impossible with the right mind-set, guidance, and technique.

Marina strives to create personalized routines that target the goals of each individual client whether it be endurance, strength, weight loss, flexibility or just a little encouragement to get them started. Her clients come from all backgrounds, ages, and levels of ability. She does not believe in quitting and pushes her clients to their maximum capacity.

As a wife and mother of 2 daughters, she knows how to provide encouragement. But, don’t expect to get much by her, slacking is not an option!

Marinas certifications include:

International Sports Sciences Association
   – Personal Trainer

Aerobics Fitness Association of America
   – Step 
   – Primary Group Fitness
   – Indoor Cycling

Kickboxing Fitness Institute of America
   – Kickboxing

TRX Suspension Certified Trainer

DSW Fitness
   – Jr. Fitness Specialist


 Sam has a B.S. degree in Exercise Science and an M.S. in Exercise Science & Cardiac Rehabilitation. Sam is certified through the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has been helping clients get leaner and stronger for the past fifteen years.

Sam serves as the manager of the  JD Fitness Livingston studio and the speed, agility, and strength program. His passion for athletic competition has led him to a life of training to compete in a wide variety of sports including boxing, football, mountain biking, snowboarding, soccer, xterra triathlons, and wrestling.  


Galen was a multi-sport athlete throughout high school, where he developed an interest in strength and conditioning, general fitness and nutrition. 

He followed his interests and pursued a degree in Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma, where he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in December of 2010.  Galen is NSCA certified and works with all different populations, specializing in teen strength and conditioning.  He is the newest addition to JD’s team of trainers.

JD Fitness is a personalized studio filled with good karma, a beautiful space and  amazing instructors.   Jill Friedfertig  founder


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