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Om My Blog.. by Love Peace

sharing yoga, health & wellness info around the world

Namaste to my readers..

Over the past 3 years I have learned many things and aquired many new friends, collegues and skills.  I truly appreciate the support that I have received from the yoga community around the world.

I am so grateful that I continue to get subscribers to my newsletter and I have decided to change the venue.

My newsletter is being transferred here to my blog “OM MY BLOG @  If you would like to subscribe to my blog please click the link above.

I  have started transferring my readers over but it is taking some time.  I appreciate everyone’s patience.

 Look for New information regarding yoga, health and wellness around the world coming soon..

Entrepreneurs:  I will be doing book and product review again.   Please send all information regarding new products/books ect to


Jill Friedfertig

Founder.. Innovator


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