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The lord Shiva is well known as his role The King Dancer or in Sanskrit Nataraja.  in his hands he holds a drum  and each beat signifies the death and rebirth of another age.  Shiva dances to his own music within a circle of flame called samsara.  samsara is the cyclical pattern in the constant repetition of birth, life and death.  while this familiar repetition can be comforting some people feel that it is inhibiting as well.

In order to dance like Shiva we must be free of inhibitions.  Freedom is being able to stray off the weathered well known path and venture onto the unchartered waters and embracing the unknown.  in this  story Shiva creates the room for us to make positive  abundant choices and allows us to let go of fear.

dancers pose or Natarajasana   allows us to experience the physicality that can produce fear in our bodies.    It is said that we store fear in our hearts.. When you open your heart in a backbend or any other pose you are releasing the fear held in your heart and you are opening up yourself to all the lovely possibilities that come with an beautiful open heart.  if we can find the graceful rhythm that comes from balance we will eventuallybe liberated in our bodies and in our minds. 

Standing poses require abdominal strength as well as really being present in your practice.. Many people new to yoga have a fear of standing poses .

Truth be told depending on my mood or level of balance even after 6 years I can still wobble and fall out of my pose.  The important thing is to fall down gracefully and get right back up..  This is true of everyday challenges in life.  How many times have you attempted a task and shy away from completing  something due to just enough fear in your head? I think it happens to everyone from time to time. 

  In a standing pose if you fall over what will happen?  Since yoga practice is a personal exploration of one’s self no one is looking at you at all!  The best part of being immersed in a yoga practice is that the time on the mat is yours and yours alone.

Standing poses tone and activate the torso, back, pelvis and abdominal organs, messaging the organs located there and increasing blood flow. Standing poses also invigorate the adrenal glands which produce hormones that help us tolerate many of the stresses of life. Both Extended Triangle Pose and Intense Side Stretch Pose also help in relieving menstrual disorders.

The benefits of standing poses are plentiful.

What standing poses are your favorites?

Be open.. Be present.. Be balanced.. Be free

shanti. shanti. shanti

Jill Friedfertig


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